Grupo ABA Infra

The ABA Infra Group


ABA Infra Group, one of the largest groups in the infrastructure and intermodal logistics sector in Brazil, has been in the market since 1986.

Its history began with Construtora Floriano Ltda, a small company in the countryside of São Paulo that was in charge of the construction of some projects in São Jose do Rio Preto - SP, São Paulo, among other regions.

Over the years, entrepreneurs left the construction industry and entered the port industry.

The performance in the infrastructure sectors in port logistics and tourism began in 1997. After winning federal public bids, activities began as port operators (container handling and storage terminal, passenger terminal, liquid bulk handling, and storage terminal) at the Port of Santos and Rio de Janeiro.

In 2007, there was an expansion of operations in the port infrastructure sectors, with the acquisition of Eudmarco SA, a bonded container terminal also in the Port of Santos. Also in 2007, FCA Comércio Exterior e Logística Ltda, a company dedicated to logistics management (OTM – Multimodal Transportation Operator) was acquired.

In 2014, in partnership with another company in the market, the ABA Infra Group won another federal public bid and acquired shares in the Passenger Terminal in Salvador, Bahia.

In 2017, the Group started the fuel sector with the acquisition of the trading company Toronto Importadora in São Paulo, and in 2018, it expanded the sector with the purchase of the distributor Argemil, also in São Paulo, and the general warehouse of Suzano.

Also in 2018, after strategic planning, FCA Log started the internationalization of its logistics services, acting as NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operator Common Carrier), based in São Paulo and the Port of Santos.

Following its expansion guidelines, in 2019, the ABA Infra Group won another federal public tender and leased the STS13A area on Barnabé Island, another liquid bulk handling and storage terminal at the Port of Santos.

Also in 2019, Argemil acquired a stake in a fuel distribution company in the cities of Paulínia, Guarulhos, São José dos Campos, and other states.

In 2022, the Group opened the first Service Station of the Atlantis Gas Station Chain, in the Barra Funda neighborhood of São Paulo.

Currently, the Group manages, builds, and maintains only its own companies.

The experience acquired by the Group over the years, acting strongly in these sectors, provides excellent development for its companies.

The search for constant updating is part of the company’s policy, which values continuous investment in technology and modernization to serve its customers with excellence and agility, with specialized teams, information technologies, and state-of-the-art equipment.


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Undertake in an ethical and excellent manner, ensuring commitment to quality and safety, contributing to economic and socio-environmental development, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by carrying out modern and innovative operations with effort and professional development.


Be the main Group operating in the areas of tourism, port infrastructure and logistics and fuels.


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